Owning Cruiser Bikes For A Great Bike Ride

Steve was a thirty two year old male who had opened a cruiser bikes store early last year. Steve had not been seeing very much business, which was surprising because everyone seemed to love the idea of owning a cruiser bike but no one was willing to make the final purchase. Steve thought it may be because the prices of the beach cruiser bikes he was selling were much higher than people were willing to pay, which is when Steve began to hand out discounts of twenty percent of the purchase of cruiser bikes from his store. This initiative brought on by Steve did seem to make some new customers come in who were happy about purchasing cruiser bikes, however, Steve still was not getting enough sales.

One day, Steve was working in his cruiser bikes shop when a customer approached him and asked Steve why his prices were this high for cruiser bikes. Steve was confused and told the customer about the cruiser bikes discount of twenty percent he had been giving people. The customer was aware of the discount and told Steve about the cruiser bikes store less than on block away which were selling similar bikes for half of what Steve was pricing his cruiser bikes at. Steve had no idea he was competing with another cruiser bikes store and he instantly lowered his prices in order to compete with the neighboring cruiser bikes store. Everyone seemed to love the cruiser bikes Steve was selling because the bikes were very trendy. Find out more by going to http://www.firmstrong.com/.

When Steve lowered his prices, he saw a flock of customers who came into his store who were interested in purchasing the cruiser bikes for the sale price Steve had listed in his shop. The customer began to tell Steve how much they loved riding cruiser bikes and how they loved to decorate the cruiser bikes to make them standout to other people riding cruiser bikes. The cruiser bikes Steve was selling were of the highest quality because Steve believed in not selling any other type of cruiser bikes other than the ones which people enjoyed riding the most and got the most joy out of riding. Steve preferred the cruiser bikes to any other sort of bike because he saw cruiser bikes as something which the whole family was able to participate in not just people who were good at bike riding.

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